Gutterbrain by DropBears off of Elusive 

New Album, FINALLY!

"Don’t STOP (mother fucka) Lovin’"

As seen at Stony Brook State Park

For all those Zelda fans out there! An excellent rendition on the Majora’s Mask soundtrack that will easily give you the chills. This album is everything that is the game with its creepy, sad, exciting and entertaining instrumental melodies. Definitely worth a listen, even if you aren’t a fan, just to get lost in Theophany’s haunting melodies.

The Beatles- Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (Bassnectar Version)

Arya’s Prayer by Dominik Omega 

Absolutely amazing! His other Game of Thrones raps are amazing as well! 

How cool am I?

I just spent my evening drinking whiskey, knitting and watching samurai jack. 

I don’t think I could love my life more than this moment!