Arya’s Prayer by Dominik Omega 

Absolutely amazing! His other Game of Thrones raps are amazing as well! 

How cool am I?

I just spent my evening drinking whiskey, knitting and watching samurai jack. 

I don’t think I could love my life more than this moment!

I am so in love this with band! Their lyrics and message is wonderful and really speaks to anyone who as have their heart broken but makes moving on a glorious and an empowering experience!

If you need a pick me up or just want to pounce your head check these guys out!

It’s so hard to be

this close to you and pretend

that it doesn’t hurt.

When my captain asks who wants to handle in the zone



(Submission: Kluss-dorf) 

Pretty much accurate

Cloak & Dagger by Paul Basic

This song just makes me want to go take on the world!